About Mark 2 Toys

Mark 2 Toys is a small veteran owned and operated business located near
Denver Colorado. After 26 years in the military, Mark is very proud to offer
the highest quality manufactured 1:12 scale action figure accessories with the greatest
attention to detail.

Mark is a self-taught 3D artist with a decade of design experience. Initially
finding success helping Kickstarter campaigns in the tabletop gaming industry, Mark
began utilizing his knowledge of military weapons to design 1:12 scale action
figure accessories in 2020 quickly gaining a reputation as the go to artist for
hyper realistic 3D weapon sculpting and contributing to Valaverse’s highly
successful Action Force line of modern military action figures.

The first two accessory sets (Weapon Set: A and Weapon Set: B) are available
now with Weapon Set: C coming later this year.

Whether you are an action figure customizer or collector, enhance your
figures with Mark 2 Toys!