Blog Post #1!

Blog Post #1!

     The website has been up for about a month now. Seems to be functioning OK. I'm working on adding a section for my partners like Partners are how I hope to solve the overseas shipping challenge. Ultimately, I do plan to always sell/ship a limited quantity of products myself, but at the end of the day I don't want to be in the fulfillment business so partnerships are key. 

     Feedback about the weapon sets has been overwhelmingly positive. I think that I have made something nice here. I am very excited about set "C". Muzzle flashes, deco, and other play features on the way. 

     I'm having a blast taking product pics for Instagram. I may need to upgrade to an iPhone 13 some time soon. I have a Canon EOS T3i that I need to re-learn as well. I hope to add a section to the site for you to upload pics of your own!


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