Busy Week

Busy Week

Hey Guys!

I'll be a guest on a PODCAST Thursday night. I'll post up the link tomorrow. Also, I'm getting ready to head to Atlanta for JOELANTA. I have a vendor table for Mark2Toys and I'm bringing a few cases of weapon sets with me. If you are in the area be sure to stop by. 

Things are beginning to settle down a bit since I retired back in February. The kids are back in school and I have repatriated myself back into the family unit so we have settled into a nice routine.

Now that I have settled into the business of Mark2Toys I am also looking to do more with my alternate personality (Mark2Design). I am re-investing some much needed effort into the old Patreon and plan to do one project a month. This month is a Classified scale COBRA Ferret. Stay tuned for more. 

My Spouseunit and I have taken up oil painting at night. I had just started to get good at it about 20 years ago so I am now trying to re-learn everything. 



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